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We carry a wide range of premium fluid power filtration and hydraulic and pneumatic sealing products. We also carry premium sealing products for roll bearings in the metal production industry.  Contact us today to learn more about all the filtration and sealing products we offer.


From Schroeder Industries

Schroeder Industries is a leader in fluid conditioning technology. With over 65 years of filtration experience, Schroeder designs, manufactures and markets innovative filtration solutions for hydraulic, lubrication, fuel and process systems. Schroeder was one of the first to identify the need for fine micronic filtration in hydraulic systems and was a pioneer in the development of many filtration concepts and products. Before the idea of fine micronic filtration was even mentioned in many engineering textbooks, Schroeder had set performance standards for this kind of contamination control in many markets such as mining, mobile equipment, and automotive manufacturing. In fact, the HF4 automotive standard was written with the Schroeder K-Size element in mind. For more than half a century, Schroeder Industries’ innovative efforts to develop value-engineered products have been recognized with 33 patent awards. Nine of those have been issued in the past 4 years, indicating that Schroeder remains at the forefront in the fields of fluid conditioning, diagnostics, and specialized energy products.


No. 1 in sealing technology

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is the world’s leading market and technology specialist.

As the leading specialist in sealing applications and their market, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is a supplier as well as a development and service partner serving customers in a wide variety of industries, including the automotive industry, civil aviation, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, the food and pharmaceutical industries, and the agricultural and construction machinery industries.


From Behringer Systems

Behringer is a leading manufacturer and supplier of High-Performance Filtration Products. Our vast product offering makes us an extremely viable source for all contamination related problems and applications. Over extensive knowledge in contamination control and filtration engineering ensure the complete and total competence to resolve or design practical solutions to your cleanliness program. Our products range from replacement filter elements for Hydraulic, Lube, Fuel, Water Removal, Dust Removal, Fuel, Process, Water and other types to Complete Assemblies and accessories.


From Purolator

Purolator EFP - A Legacy of Excellence for Over 40 Years

From our inception over four decades ago to today, our legacy has been defined by the value we provide with our engineered filtration products. We do this by actively listening to our customer’s needs, then transforming those needs into filtration products that provide unmatched, quality, performance, and value. Whether it be in the challenges associated with the manufacture of chemical fibers, virgin and engineered polymers, or recycled polymers- we deliver filtration solutions to meet those challenges. Though the foundation of our legacy was wire cloth products, we now provide solutions based on many types of stainless steel filter media, including non-woven fiber metal felt, shattered metal powder, sintered wire cloth laminates, and sintered metal powder media. While others can supply some of this media as well, our extensive applications experience guides us to the when, why, and where to use these media in combination with each other, thereby maximizing the value we deliver to our customers.


From Internormen/Eaton

Hydraulic & Lubrication Oil Filters

Eaton offers a selection of 4000 different filter elements and housings to meet your needs. Fluid power is a reliable and repeatable form of power and motion control. When problems are encountered, 80% of the time they are related to inadequate contamination control practices. Eaton has more than a 75-year history of dedication to helping engineers develop, operate, and maintain filtration products as well as cleanliness practices designed to support reliable, high quality power, and motion control systems.

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