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We have partnered with Elwood Fluid Power to provide the best water hydraulics solutions in the industry.


As an industry leader in water hydraulic systems, Elwood designs and manufactures high pressure hydraulic valves and systems for water, soluble oil, and other low viscosity applications. The primary markets include steel and aluminum mills, petroleum decoking and forging press industries.

Elwood's Water Hydraulic Capabilities Consist Of:

  • Poppet Type Directional Control Valves. 

  • Packed Spool Directional Control Valves. 

  • Descaling Valves & Pump Unloading Systems. 

  • Proportional Pressure Control Valves & Systems.

  • Accumulator Systems and Modular ISO-Lock Valves.


Contact us now to learn more about the Elwood products and services we can offer to you.

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